Welcome to FoneRepair

Founded in 2018, Fonerepair has built a team of repair engineers with over 50+ combined years of experience in the mobile device industry, inclusive of warranty repair. All engineers are qualified to support upto level 3 repair of almost all market leading brands such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, Google, LG, Blackberry and Nokia.

We are able to provide repair, recycle, refurbish and replacement services, inclusive of secure data destruction, to a wide array of companies across multiple market sectors. Specifically, we have specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with the Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and Law Enforcement sectors.

We only ever use genuine manufacturer spare parts and accessories to ensure quality and repairs that can be trusted at the best prices. Having access to our inventory of over 12000 different spare parts and accessories also means we can maximise turn around times and undertake almost any mobile device repair instantly.

FoneRepair continues to grow exponentially since inception and we are already looking to secure new premises over 5x larger in order to meet current demand. Our vision is to provide a true 360 degree package for all of our customers.

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