Consumer Datawipe Services

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FoneRepair uses Blackbelt Defence Datawipe ™ Software to delete all confidential data from mobile devices to a digital forensic standard. This not only ensures data security but also provides peace of mind and GDPR compliance for disposal of confidential information as all data is permanantly removed from the device.

Erasing mobile device data is an excellent way to protect customer data and avoid any unnecessary destruction or re-procurement costs. Not only that, but erasing mobile device data also allows us to redistribute, re-use or re-sell used handsets quickly and effectively, safe in the knowledge that all previous data has been destroyed.

DataWipe Securely removes user data from smartphones running:

Apple iOS


BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry 10

Microsoft Windows

Note: Data removed beyond recovery and tested by using commercially available forensic analysis tools such as Cellebrite and Oxygen, on most popular smartphones with default manufacturer firmware