Corporate Replacement Devices

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Our procurement team are specialists in sourcing and providing replacement handsets for lost & stolen and beyond economical repairs. With long established manufacturer relationships, and their approved suppliers, we can ensure immediate access to purchase replacement devices at the lowest prices available. We also have our own in-house inventory of personally repaired and granded handsets that can also be used giving the best possible finanical choices for your requirements.

It is easy to assume that if a handset is new then it must be original, however, there are many component farming establishments in operation where new handsets are stripped down, OEM parts removed and sold. Sub-standard copy parts are then introduced before the handset is then reconstructed, the box resealed and the handset re-sold into distribution channels around the globe. To mitigate this risk we quality check any new handsets not purchased direct from manufacturers before they are accepted as OEM and offered to our customers to use as replacement devices.

Our workflow has been tailoured to source and provide handsets in various conditions for Insurance customers to fulfil claims for lost & stolen devices or for handsets which are deemed beyond economical repair but this can be adapted to suit any customer requirement. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss.

To view our current inventory of new and graded devices for sale, please see the below links for our parent company website:

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